What is the best iPhone XI case?

What is the best iPhone XI case? Or better asked; what kind of case are the best iPhone XI cases? This is a question we often receive, and rightly so! Of course, you want to protect your new iPhone XI as well as possible and therefore an iPhone XI case that offers the best possible protection. In this blog, we would like to tell you which iPhone XI cases there are and which, according to our colleagues and users, is the best iPhone XI case.

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The best iPhone XI case; the Shock case!
To answer the question right away; the Shock case is considered by experts, our users, and our colleagues as the best case. The Shock case is very affordable and has extra shock-resistant corners that protect both the iPhone XI and the glass plate. Finally, the Shock case often has a nice design, because the eye naturally wants something. We sell several iPhone XI Shock cases, all with extra shock-resistant corners to protect your iPhone XI as well as possible. Below an example of the bestseller; the transparent iPhone XI Shock case.

Still looking for a different iPhone XI case? Feel free to look around in our other iPhone XI cases. Below we would like to tell you more about the different types of iPhone XI cases so that you can determine what is the best case for the iPhone XI.
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iPhone XI armor cases
Armor cases are often known for their good protection and can therefore also offer a solution if you are mainly looking for this. Counter-arguments of the armor case that we sometimes hear is that they are often thick and large, making them, for example, less easy to fit in your pocket or bag. In addition, the iPhone is of course known for its beautiful sleek design, which you more or less wipe out with such a case.
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iPhone XI bookcases
Bookcases are known as very handy because you can usually place multiple passes in them. Most bookcases also have a front that you do as soon as you close it over the screen of the iPhone XI, so that the screen of your XI is protected. Size is often seen as a disadvantage.
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iPhone XI ultra-thin cases
Ultra-thin cases for the iPhone XI are very popular. Users indicate that they see the Ultra-thin case as very price-friendly and, in addition, they want the sleek design of the iPhone XI to be preserved as well as possible; something in which the Ultra-thin case is clearly the number one. The Ultra-thin case also offers excellent protection, but for the best protection, you really have to go to the Shock case.
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iPhone XI design cases
Design covers often look nice, but the protection is usually slightly less. Of course, it is possible that you drop your iPhone XI once and the design case still catches the blow, but for the least risk, you better go for a different kind of case, unless of course you never drop your iPhone XI.

More iPhone XI Pro Cases Of course, there are many more types of iPhone XI cases and it is everyone who decides what is the best iPhone XI case for him or her. The most common categories have been discussed above and the experiences of our employees and users have been listed.

So they indicate that Shock case cases are the best iPhone XI cases. Of course, we have, besides these cases, many more iPhone XI cases where you can take a look.
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